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2011-03-15 16:07:50 by RaveFantazy

So. It was a one beautiful day when I roamed around teh internets, and hit up onto a youtube video featuring a song, what appeared to be made by me. Around 30,000+ views and great comments... I was first like "wtf?", then "hm?", then, "..." and finally "=D".

So I'm gonna get back here and arrange the old not-deserved-to-be-here-schaisse out of here, aaand upload some more new stuff that I got left saved in a mp3 format (as I cleaned my harddrive, I deleted a LOT of project saves around). But as the upload limitations say, I can get 2 songs uploaded in a one day at the same time. So it can be "kinda slow" to get back here as fast as possible.

So well... What else? Oh yeah... Moving to a Macbook pro i7 from the squishy Mac Mini (from late 2009) where I've lost all my free space on HD. And it's also bought for more handy music making stuff (YEAH i know... I like macs. But I just can't use Logic pro on a windows OS). That means there can be new songs in a faster pace or something.
And the most important; my dog just farted and the smell is awfuly terrible.

back to music!

2010-06-12 17:23:30 by RaveFantazy

So! I'm back now, and i have a lot of time now... and songs done to submit ;)

I have been used the new stuff i got for trance 'n' stuff:

Battery 3 (drums sampler, exelent for making own drumkits)

Massive (the absolutily best program for electric stuff)

FM8 (smaller, but nice for basses and pads)

And that's all. Those programs make the best stuff i need.
Now let's see how good i can raise up here... if people likes my latest songs that much!

okayz, updating my stuff :b

2009-12-28 15:47:22 by RaveFantazy


i got a new mac. i have ordered an audio interface and i get ProTools within' it.

also, i got enough money to get some new gear: Komplete 6.
awsum huh?

i don't know: i get the best programs what i know, but there's some things to slow down my improvisation: i gotta figure out those programs, i need to do my own sounds so i need to practice a little.
AND i have left FL studio, and my vista, so i got some stuff to figure out and get into them.

so... nothing from me for a while. i got a problem with the mac:

it's a mac-mini (with the best processors and stuff, ftw), so i had to buy a keyboard, new mouse and take a used screen (for free, yay!). the problem seems to be on the screen: i need an adapter to see anything, the screens wire didn't fit to the mac.

it's been ordered, i have to wait like 1-5 days... it's a small thing so i suppose it's gonna be here like in 2-3 days, i did get the MAC in 3 days, even when they told i have to wait like a week or so.

so.. umm... no music for a while. i make more when i can, but even better ;)

ps: FM8 and pro-53 seems to be awesome programs...

what does this make?

2009-12-23 07:27:18 by RaveFantazy

liquid data?

what does this make?


2009-11-29 19:55:02 by RaveFantazy

If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?



2009-11-23 11:20:06 by RaveFantazy

Apple = Strength
Strength = Power
Power = Money
Money = Girls
Girls = Sex
Sex = AIDS
AIDS = Death

wanna an apple? :)

one question just 4 fun:

2009-10-21 15:26:14 by RaveFantazy

what's your favourite music genre?

mine is Rave :P

hello newgrounds!

2009-10-19 09:54:54 by RaveFantazy

hello NG. i'm new here and i have made Rave pretty much. i've sent a song here, and i wait for the approving. i hope you like Ravemusic! :D

hello newgrounds!