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hello newgrounds!

2009-10-19 09:54:54 by RaveFantazy

hello NG. i'm new here and i have made Rave pretty much. i've sent a song here, and i wait for the approving. i hope you like Ravemusic! :D

hello newgrounds!


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2009-10-19 11:52:32

Hello. Welcome to newgrounds boy!

RaveFantazy responds:

yah thanks :D


2009-10-19 11:55:11

Sup ni99a

RaveFantazy responds:

yea yea


2009-10-19 12:17:28

Welcome to NG! Good luck with making music!

RaveFantazy responds:

i rly need it :D


2009-10-19 12:21:31


These are all asskissing fucktards.

I'm sure your music sucks and you'll be sucking dick for money in notime.

(Updated ) RaveFantazy responds:

phaaha, you haven't even listened my music. i say, i hate minimalistic shit, i hate simple repetiving music. i make REAL music GODDAMNIT.

and be sure to get a pm... you deserve it, i see.


2009-10-19 12:29:57

welcome... i hope you like this site and make shure you make ur muic. and keep making them even though people here might not like it. and by the way i am new too!

:) good luck! add me

RaveFantazy responds:

kk, let's do some music then! waiting for the approval....