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one question just 4 fun:

2009-10-21 15:26:14 by RaveFantazy

what's your favourite music genre?

mine is Rave :P


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2009-10-21 15:35:25

rave, techno, dance...i think i have more than one.


2009-10-22 09:18:02

Dance, trance, techno...


2009-11-07 17:02:09

You are very talente I just think you nee more experience!!

Seriously Make more!


2009-11-28 17:45:25

Techno, anything in the techno Genre. Rave, dance, trance, happy hardcore, etc.

The only exception is some of the "Techno" that the FOB's at my school are playing, i dont call that stuff techno cos it is gay lol.


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