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okayz, updating my stuff :b

2009-12-28 15:47:22 by RaveFantazy


i got a new mac. i have ordered an audio interface and i get ProTools within' it.

also, i got enough money to get some new gear: Komplete 6.
awsum huh?

i don't know: i get the best programs what i know, but there's some things to slow down my improvisation: i gotta figure out those programs, i need to do my own sounds so i need to practice a little.
AND i have left FL studio, and my vista, so i got some stuff to figure out and get into them.

so... nothing from me for a while. i got a problem with the mac:

it's a mac-mini (with the best processors and stuff, ftw), so i had to buy a keyboard, new mouse and take a used screen (for free, yay!). the problem seems to be on the screen: i need an adapter to see anything, the screens wire didn't fit to the mac.

it's been ordered, i have to wait like 1-5 days... it's a small thing so i suppose it's gonna be here like in 2-3 days, i did get the MAC in 3 days, even when they told i have to wait like a week or so.

so.. umm... no music for a while. i make more when i can, but even better ;)

ps: FM8 and pro-53 seems to be awesome programs...


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