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2011-03-15 16:07:50 by RaveFantazy

So. It was a one beautiful day when I roamed around teh internets, and hit up onto a youtube video featuring a song, what appeared to be made by me. Around 30,000+ views and great comments... I was first like "wtf?", then "hm?", then, "..." and finally "=D".

So I'm gonna get back here and arrange the old not-deserved-to-be-here-schaisse out of here, aaand upload some more new stuff that I got left saved in a mp3 format (as I cleaned my harddrive, I deleted a LOT of project saves around). But as the upload limitations say, I can get 2 songs uploaded in a one day at the same time. So it can be "kinda slow" to get back here as fast as possible.

So well... What else? Oh yeah... Moving to a Macbook pro i7 from the squishy Mac Mini (from late 2009) where I've lost all my free space on HD. And it's also bought for more handy music making stuff (YEAH i know... I like macs. But I just can't use Logic pro on a windows OS). That means there can be new songs in a faster pace or something.
And the most important; my dog just farted and the smell is awfuly terrible.


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2011-05-22 21:18:28

Hey, RaveFantazy, I saw your post on Youtube on the song For Life, and also the person calling you pathetic; really himself I suppose. Where is "For Life" on your profile? Just wondering. Good song though

RaveFantazy responds:

I was kinda stupid and deleted it.

Why? Because of the massive zero voting rate.

I think I would upload it here again.


2011-05-29 09:04:23

What you use Logic Pro? Omg that's cool! I use garage band... MACS FTW!

Dogs fart? xD i didnt know that....